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A Profile of Unintentional Injuries Among Iranian Adolescents: Findings From the First Health Behavior in School-Aged Children Survey   Research Article
The Positive Impact of Play Therapy on Writing Performance of Students With Dysgraphia   Research Article
The Prediction of Test Anxiety Based on Family Communication Pattern Dimensions: The Mediating Role of Academic Resilience Among First Year High School Students   Research Article
The Impact of Excessive Internet Use on Communication Skills and Mental Health in Cafe Internet Users   Research Article
The Education by Peers Cautioning Against Deleterious Impact of Junk Foods on Knowledge, Attitude and Body Mass Index of School Students in Shiraz, Iran, 2012-13   Research Article
School, A Place to Learn Social and Antisocial Behavior   Review Article
The Prevalence of High Blood Pressure Among Children aged 11-18 Years in Birjand District, Eastern Iran in 2012: A Cross-Sectional Study   Research Article