International Journal of School Health : 2015, Volume 2, Issue 1, Jan Abstracts XML

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A Study of the Male High School Male Students’ Knowledge and Attitude to Addiction in Urmia, Iran, 2013   Research Article
Health Behaviors Among High School Girls   Research Article
The Effect of Family-Centered Education on Increasing Consumption of Calcium-Rich Foods in the Family Food Basket   Research Article
Effects of Frequency of Feedback on the Learning of Motor Skill in Preschool Children   Research Article
Types of Aggression Among Kindergarten and Preschool Children of Mohr County/Fars Province in 2013–2014   Research Article
Effects of Feedback With Different Frequency on Throwing Skill Learning in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Compared to Normal Children   Research Article
Oral-Language Skills of the Iranian Pupils With Hearing-Impairment   Research Article