International Journal of School Health : 2015, Volume 2, Issue 3, Jul Abstracts XML

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The Relationship Between Nasal Septal Deviation, Daytime Sleepiness and School Performance Among Iranian High School Students: A Pilot Cross-Sectional Study   Research Article
The Prediction of Mediating Role of Resilience Between Psychological Well-Being and Emotional Intelligence in Students   Research Article
Definition and Implication of Social Constructionism Paradigm in School Health   Letter
The Frequency of Various Phenotypes of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in Adolescents, Based on Rotterdam Criteria   Research Article
Designing and Testing a Model of Some Precedents and Outcomes of Borderline Personality Disorder in High School Students of Shiraz   Research Article
Food Choices of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders   Research Article
Simple and Multiple Correlation Between Religious Belief, Life Expectancy and Self-Efficacy of Students   Research Article