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Parents’ Attitude Toward Child Abuse Conducted in the Health Centers of Tabriz   Research Article
Prediction of High School Students’ Life Satisfaction and Academic Performance Based on Locus of Control and Self-Esteem   Research Article
The Prevalence of Specific Language Impairment in 6-Year-Old Persian-Speaking Children in Shiraz City, Iran, 2015   Research Article
Prediction of Cosmetic Surgery Tendency Based on Mindfulness, Personality Dimensions, Perfectionism and Mental Health Components   Research Article
“Can You Cure me? Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders Playing a Doctor Game With a Social Robot”   Research Article
The Effect of Goal Setting on Throwing Skill Learning in 10-Year-Old Boys   Research Article
Awareness and Use of Psychoactive Substances Among Senior Secondary School Adolescents in Nigeria   Research Article
Psycho-Social Strengthening Program for High-School Students: Targeting Female Students’ Attitudes Toward Drug Use   Research Article